Highbush Blueberry Products

Cultivated blueberries are available in a wide range of products, co products and by products just right for the food processing industry. Keep an eye out here for information and specifications on:


 Fresh blueberries are individually quick frozen to give a field fresh fruit, which maintains individual identity. Just right for integration into muffins and other bakery products.

IQF Frozen Blueberries

Fresh Blueberries

The consumer favorite, just right for use on top of cakes and fresh baked items.


This crushed and pasteurized liquid is great for confectionery products, and also beverages! Makes a great beer too!


Straight Pack

Blueberries are frozen right in the container. This product is used by bakers to make wonderful fillings. Yogurt manufacturers use this as a fruit flavor.


The flavor of blueberry for an intense boost of flavor.


Blueberry Concentrate

A 65 Brix liquid used in the beverage industry and for other uses where a shelf stable liquid is needed.


This exciting new product is made by removing most moisture from the blueberry. It imparts an intense fruit flavor and works well in dry mixes and other applications. Available with or without infused sugar, also diced.

Dried Blueberries

Canned Blueberries

You can buy blueberries in various forms from water packed to fillings such as Danish and fruit fillings and toppings. Look for the fillings with the most fruit! Your consumers will notice!


New technologies are now offering composite bits of blueberries with substantial amounts of fruit! These chips and bits work well where fresh and frozen fruit will not fit.

Fruit Chips and Bits

Freeze Dried/Drum Dried

For those high tech applications you need a high tech product such as dried blueberries. Dried blueberries have a moisture level of around 2-3 percent. Freeze-dried blueberries maintain fruit size, drum dried can be made into a powder or flakes.


Blueberry Containing Products

Norway and countries around the world, blueberries are transformed into a number of products:


In Asia, consumers believe that blueberries help improve eyesight. Stores feature a whole range of candies that include blueberry juice.



Blueberries are an all time favorite in our all American Blueberry pie pastries and cakes. Fresh blueberries can be used to top a delicious cake we call the shortcake!


Blueberry juice is fast becoming a mainstream item in Iceland and the USA. A chain store called Trader Joes has recently introduced a 100 percent blueberry juice drink.


Blueberry Products in India

Urban Zing Refreshments


Häagen-Dazs - Summer Berries & Cream Ice Cream

Häagen-Dazs - Blueberries & Cream Ice Cream

Nature Essential Foods - Blueberry Bolt On-The-Go Bar

Nirvaanic Life Foods - Very Berry Antioxidant Trail Mix

Erina Eco Craft - Love Potion Blueberry Baby Wash

Spencer's Retail - Blueberry

Elvir - Cherry Dairy Dessert

Elvir - Mixed Berries Dairy Dessert

Elvir - Blueberry Dairy Dessert

Oriental Cuisines - Blueberry Muffins

TBJ Impex - Berrymix

Dropkaffe Food & Beverages - Mixed Berry Yogurt Smoothie

TBJ Impex - American Dried Blueberry Cranberry Mix

TBJ Impex - Nuts & Berries

Hero - Blueberry Jam

Hershey - Exotic Dark Chocolates

Sofy Healthcare - Blueberry Mojito Flavoured Supplement

Satvikk International - Premium International Seeds & Berries

K.B.B. Nuts - Fruity Mix

TBJ Impex - American Dried Blueberries

Oriental Cuisines - Blueberry Muffin

The Himalaya Drug Company - Blueberry Oil Clear Face Wash

JMJ Foodlink - Blueberry Cookies

Forever Living Products - Chewable Multivitamins with Phytonutrients

Abis Exports - Grain Free Life Preservation Formula for Puppy

FSN E-Commerce Ventures - Nail Enamel

Nirvaanic Life Foods - Berry Blast Muesli

Green Shoots Retail - Ultimate Super Seeds and All Berries Muesli

Firmroots - Berry Bar

Tigerbells - American Dried Blueberries

TBJ Impex - Berrymix

Mirabelle Cosmetics - Berries Fairness Facial Mask

Mirah Belle Naturals - Ginger Curry Leaf Hair Darkening Shampoo

Naturma Life LLP - Aloe Vera Gel

Naturma Life LLP - Shampoo

PhaladaAgro Research Foundations - Chia Seeds

AGS - Gel Nail Lacquer

H.J. Heinz - Blueberry Oaty Porridge

Gerber Products - Blueberry Flavoured Cereal Snack

Urban Platter - Cranberry Powder

Raw - Strawberry + Blueberry + Banana + Pineapple Life Juice

ChocolaterieGuylian - Blueberries in Belgian Dark Chocolate

Healthy International - All in One Nuts and Seeds Mix

Russo Mangimi - Grain Free Puppy Dry Food Formula

Lindt &Sprüngli - Blueberry Intense Dark Chocolate

Mark Commodities - Mix Berries Trail Mix

MO's Superfoods - Blueberry Kefir

Nutoras Foods - Blueberry Blended Probiotic Greek Yogurt

H.J. Heinz - Fruit & Yogurt Porridge with Fortified Milk

SAS Enterprises - Trail Bites Detox Mix

Naturma Life LLP - Body Wash

Gerber Products - Blueberry Puffs Cereal Snack

Kenny Delights -Dried Blueberries

Nutraj Signature - Dried Blueberries, 100G

Carnival Blueberries Dried

Very Berry Fruits Blueberries - Frozen, 200 gm

Mixed Berry Jam

Tango Chocolate - Blueberry Neapolitan

From USA: Post Selects Cereal - Blueberry Morning

Freshly Baked - Blueberry Muffin

Malas Rich Fruit Toppings - Blueberry

Parle Milano Berry Cookies

Mala Blueberry Crush

Nutriion Bar - Ritebite