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Highbush Blueberry Products

Cultivated blueberries are available in a wide range of products, co products and by products just right for the food processing industry. Keep an eye out here for information and specifications on:

Fresh Blueberries

The consumer favorite, just right for use on top of cakes and fresh baked items.

IQF Frozen Blueberries

Fresh blueberries are individually quick frozen to give a field fresh fruit, which maintains individual identity. Just right for integration into muffins and other bakery products.


Fresh blueberries; a silvery bloom indicates freshness

How to Store

Refrigerate and rinse before use

Use Within

10 days


Put fresh blueberries in the freezer for later use!

Straight Pack

Blueberries are frozen right in the container. This product is used by bakers to make wonderful fillings. Yogurt manufacturers use this as a fruit flavor.


This crushed and pasteurized liquid is great for confectionery products, and also beverages! Makes a great beer too!

Delicious fresh blueberries are a summertime treat and tradition in North America. You may now notice fresh blueberries on the shelves year round as well thanks to production in the Southern Hemisphere. About 50 percent of all blueberries produced are dedicated to the fresh market. The harvest starts in Florida in the Early Spring and Ends in British Columbia Canada in October and sometimes later. Blueberry are grown in rows that are cultivated year round to produce sweet and plump berries. When the berry is a deep blue color, the blueberries are carefully hand picked and rushed to nearby packing houses. They are chilled, and rushed to markets in nearby cities and off to air fright around the world. The blueberries are packed in plastic trays of different sizes and are normally in market within hours of harvest! In the winter — fresh blueberries from South America and Australia and New Zealand which are air freighted across the globe to local market. A number of blueberry farmers open their farms to what are called U-pick operations.